Heavy Drone by Ars Sonor & Co.

by Marax


"Heavy Drone by Ars Sonor & Co."

Black Circle Records 005

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1. Untitled 10:18

This ep collects together the remixes received by ars sonor of their 60 second track 'heavy drone.'

final mix by ars sonor

01. The Implicit Order & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone
02. Marax & Ars Sonor - Anoesis
03. 3bc & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone
04. Nico Selen & Ars Sonor - CCP2.3
05. Zreen Toyz & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone
06. William Spivey & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone Foam.LR
07. Elizabeth Veldon & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone Falls Down - Heavy Drone Gets Back Up Again
08. Ethnomite Pux & Ars Sonor - Newdrone
09. Hjiemo`diinji & Ars Sonor - X
10. Amok III & Ars Sonor - Espansiometro Prampolini
11. Catmilk & Ars Sonor - Heavy Drone (One Minute Mix)
12. Frankie Death, 3bc, Ars Sonor, Bulky Murdoch Acronym & Elizabeth Veldon - Hello, my Love, and my Love, Goodbye


released November 5, 2011



Marax Carrollton, Georgia

Marax began in the summer of 1998. After a year of experimenting with sounds, field recordings & manipulated electronics, had accumulated enough material for a release, which became " Feel Free..." Over the years the transition of Marax's sound has been varied, ranging from Harsh Electronics to Dark Ambience; Power Electronics to Lo-Fi and continuing to flow between styles from release to release. ... more

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