Pleasure In Grieving

by Marax



This is the first release in an ultra-limited series of conceptual CD-rs from Marax. Using a palette of subdued noise, blackened drones, and the occasional burst of full-tilt power electronics, Marax explores themes of mortality and grief through abstract sound construction. Limited to only 25 copies. Packaged in a black DVD style case with black sleeve.


released January 1, 2001

This series was loosely based around the single series The Melvins did where they did a release a month. Originally slated as a cassette format in a 12 part series to be released one a month, morphed into a 12 part CDr series with each installment limited to 25 copies, and ended up taking 4 years to complete. Each release was packaged in a DVD case with an insert card with album info and a rambling or poem related to the disc. The series theme was strictly centered around Death, Dying, the fascination of both, Emotional and Mental Health, Self Mutilation, Suicide and the Disease surrounding it all.
As For The Love Of Death began, there were fragments and thoughts scattered about, but as the series got underway, it began to weave a darkened story-line, each title, track and release flowing into the next. The story takes the listener through a sonic journey of a man conflicted and struggling to just hold on. From the deep brooding of his own worthlessness and whether his existence even matters, through deep depressive episodes, failed suicide attempts and days spent in mental hospitals.
This series was a means in which to explore a genre I had never touched but truly clicked with, as well as with masters of their craft, Scott Candey [GRUNTSPLATTER], James Keeler [WILT], Thomas Garrison [EXSANGUINATE].




Marax Carrollton, Georgia

Marax began in the summer of 1998. After a year of experimenting with sounds, field recordings & manipulated electronics, had accumulated enough material for a release, which became " Feel Free..." Over the years the transition of Marax's sound has been varied, ranging from Harsh Electronics to Dark Ambience; Power Electronics to Lo-Fi and continuing to flow between styles from release to release. ... more

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